Why Bioedilizia?

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Bioedilizia (in English Bioconstruction) is the application of construction techniques and materials used in bioarchitecture.

Bioarchitecture is the holistic process and product of planning, designing and constructing space that integrates natural form, function and environmental, social and aesthetic considerations. Bioarchitecture involves the use of organic materials, green technology and appropriately skilled labour. It can be used as synonymous of sustainable architecture.

Only since few years our society has been concerned with the protection of the environment, recognizing that humankind’s life depends on it. Being ahead of our time Bioedilizia Romano’s production has always pursed two different goals: to completely satisfy the needs of the building industry both public and private, without neglecting the respect and the protection of the environment.

Our products have useful properties both for man’s health and for the environment like hygroscopicity, breathability, porosity, thermal and acoustic insulation. These characteristics are granted and preserved by a production cycle that is respectful of the environment. The raw materials used for the production of terracotta are completely natural (without additives or chemical substances): clay, sand, azole and cocciopesto. This is the reason why our products maintain a natural coloration that ranges from old rose with ochre flaming to white-old rose with straw-yellow flaming, distinguishing themselves from all other terracotta productions. Clays are extracted superficially and this in order to avoid any kind of impact on the surrounding environment. The drying process is slow and natural, exploiting the sun and the wind power. Even the fuel used for baking materials is completely natural: woods, sawdust and olive residue or any other vegetable source residue. The fuel gas are recycled by the olive trees all around the brickyard.

Bioedilizia Romano has two different productions: one handmade according to tradition, and a manufacturing output also called “extruded terracotta”, realized with the exactly same raw materials, the same baking process and the same drying process.

For the most demanding customer, Bioedilizia Romano produces also adobe bricks (only for interiors) with an high thermal and acoustic insulation power and the bedding mortar too.

Our products are entirely recyclable and this according to different ways:
- you can clean and reuse them in constructions;
- they may be used as pebbles for walls or floors;
- you can return them cleaned (even if they are broken) to Bioedilizia Romano, and we will take in charge their disposal.

In this way we can respect and protect our environment, avoiding the waste of raw materials and the impoverishment of our natural resources.

Walls built with solid bricks of terracotta grant an energy saving both in winter and in summer, thanks to solid bricks insulating properties. This kind of walls do not require a facing because the bricks are extremely resistant to atmospheric conditions and they are nice to see. They do not need any kind of maintenance: time moulds them, making them more and more beautiful.

The terracotta aesthetic impact with the environment is smooth and fascinating, let’s think for example to the most beautiful Italian cities like Florence, Bologna, Siena and Verona.

Bricks and floor tiles with an high thickness are refractory and they are recommended for the construction of fireplaces, ovens, stoves with low energy consumption and powered by natural fuel like wood, pellet, olive residue etc.
High thickness bricks can be used even for “Kachelofen” or “Olle” stoves (largely diffused in German-speaking countries) and that’s why they are able to accumulate the warm and to release it gradually.

The name and the production of Bioedilizia Romano are perfectly harmonious with our aims: the promotion of the importance of the environment respect all over the producing path.